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Himmelman Consulting

Community and Systems Change Collaboration

Mission Statement

To assist diverse individuals, and public, private, and nonprofit organizations and institutions, to work together collaboratively to improve the lives of people and their communities guided by principles of mutual respect, racial equity and social justice.


Welcome to Himmelman Consulting. Thank you for taking time to look at the consulting services that are available for your work in community and systems change collaboration. If you find these services relevant and possibly helpful in some way, please contact Arthur T. Himmelman at your convenience for a no cost initial consultation about how he can be of assistance to you.

Guiding Vision

Among the significant challenges facing societies is the development of democratic governing capacities for equitably sharing power and using shared power to enhance the common good. In contributing to this development, I define power as the capacity to produce intended results rather than the ability to dominate and control. My work involves assisting diverse people, organizations, communities, and institutions that are willing and able to share power democratically in partnerships addressing a wide variety of issues. It is focused on practical ways of working collaboratively to achieve solutions to societal problems requiring humane and effective collective action guided by mutual respect and commitments to racial equity and social justice.

Consulting Services

* INFORMAL ASSESSMENTS of what kinds of assistance might be the most helpful.

* EXPERT ADVICE on particular issues or problems in working collaboratively.

* TAILORED ASSISTANCE in designing, implementing/facilitating, and evaluatiing partnerships and collaborations.

* KEYNOTE SPEECHES on collaboration concepts, methods, and applications to particular issues or areas of engagement.

* FOCUSED WORKSHOPS on concepts and practices of community and sytems change collaboration and collaborative leadership.

* NO COST WRITTEN MATERIALS useful as guides to collaborative initiatives.


* Principal

Himmelman Consulting,

Minneapolis, MN.

* Senior Associate Consultant

Center for Health Leadership and Practice, Public Health Institute,

Oakland, CA.

* Senior Fellow

Humphrey School of Public Affairs,

University of Minnesota.

* Senior Program Officer

The McKnight Foundation,

Minneapolis, MN.

* Senior Program Officer

The Saint Paul Foundation,

Saint Paul, MN.

* Director

The Saint Paul Consortium,

Saint Paul, MN.

* Director

Oneida Education Center,

Ramsey Action Programs,

Saint Paul, MN.

* Research Fellow

Center for Urban and Regional Affiars,

University of Minnesota.

Selected Clients and Presentations

* Access to Respite Care and Health

National Training Office

*African-American Men Project

Hennepin County, MN.

* African-American Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative, Saint Paul, MN.

* Alameda County Public Health Department -Oakland, CA.

* American Cancer Society

National Home Office

* American Cancer Society regional divisions: California, Great Lakes, and New England

* American Indian OIC, Minneapolis, MN.

* Association of Behavior Health Directors Association of Social Workers

* California Association of Nonprofits

* California Children's and Families

(First Five) Association

* California Department of Health

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Atlanta, GA.

* Center for Education in Maternal

and Child Health

* Center for Health Leadership and Practice Oakland, CA.

* Center for Health Improvement

Sacramento, CA.

* Center for Neighborhoods

Minneapolis, MN.

* Chicago Donors Forum

* Children's Services Collaborative,

New Orleans, LA.

* CityMatCH

* City of Hope - Duarte, CA.

* Clinton School of Public Service

University of Arkansas

* Congress for Community Economic Development

* Community Clinic Association of

Los Angeles County

* Comprehensive Community Health Models

of Michigan

* Community Health Academy

Oakland, CA.

* Community Prevention Coalition

Hennepin County, MN.

* Contra Costa County First Five

Martinez, CA.

* Council on Foundations

* Council for the Handicapped

* Crescent City Peace Alliance,

New Orleans, LA

* East Phillips Improvement Coalition Minneapolis, MN.

* Family Resource Coalition

* First 5 California (statewide early

childhood initiative)

* Greater Houston Grantmakers' Forum

* Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

* Hawaii Community Foundation

Honolulu, HI.

* Hawaii Human Services Council

Honolulu, HI.

The Healthcare Forum

* Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute

* Institute of Mental Hygiene, New Orleans, LA

* International Conference on Cooperative Strategy, Strathclyde University, Scotland

* International Conference on Cooperative Strategy, Oxford University, England

* International CDC Strategic Management Development Program

* The W. K. Kellogg Foundation

* Latino Youth Development Collaborative

* League of Cities

* Louisiana State Office of Public Health

* Massachusetts Department of Public Health

* Massachusetts Healthy Communities Institute

* The McKnight Foundation

* M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

University of Texas

* Mental Health Coalition of Sonoma County, CA

* Michigan Department of Public Health

* Mid-American Public Health

Leadership Institute

* Minneapolis Consortium of

Community Developers

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

* The Charles Steward Mott Foundation

* Multnomah County Public Health Department Portland, OR.

* National Network of Grantmakers


* New York City Department of Public Health

* New York City Department of Youth and Community Development

* The New York Community Trust

* New York State Department of Health

* New York State Governor's Office on

Employee Relations

* North Carolina Council on

Community Programs

* North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

* North Central Public Health

Leadership Institute

* Northwest Area Foundation

* Northwest Health Foundation

* Pennsylvania Institute of Healthy Communities

* Philadelphia Department of

Public Health

* Phyllis Wheatley CommunityCenter

Minneapolis, MN.

* Portland Community College

Portland, OR.

* Portland Department of Public Health

Portland, ME.

* Public Health Institute

Oakland, CA.

* The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Turning Point National Excellence Collboratives

*Twin Cities Local Initiatives

Support Corporation

* San Diego County First Five

* Seattle University School of Nursing

* Southern California Association of Philanthropy

* South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

* Strategic Alliance Fund of New York City

* Summit Academy OIC

Minneapolis, MN.

* United States General Accounting Office

* United Way of America, Washington, DC

* University of Washington: Graduate

School of Education, Seattle, WA.

* West Oakland Community Collaborative Oakland, CA.

* Wisconsin Department of Human Services and Department of Workforce Development

MINNESOTA Statewide Organizations

* Adult Education Association

* Adoption Resource Network

*Association for Persons with

Severe Handicaps

* Board on Aging

* Center for Community Economic Development

* Community Action Association

* Council on Foundations

* Council for Nonprofits

* Food Bank Network

* Food Shelf Association

* FoodShare

* Hispanic AIDS Partnership

* Partnership for Action Against Tobacco

* Indian Education Association

* State Department of Families,

Children, and Learning

* State Department of Health - Office of Minority and Multicultural Health

* State Department of Jobs and Training